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Search Engine Ranking Criteria

Search engines that are populated by spiders or by submissions result in large databases that Web surfers query to find Web sites. When you visit Google, Yahoo!, AltaVista, MSN or another search engine and type in a keyword, you're actually performing a database query.

To determine which document or Website to return for a particular keyword search, each search engine must have its own method of ranking documents, the Websites, within its directory. Most use a "probable relevance" scoring method.

Important Note: From time to time, search engines change their scoring systems and stop rewarding certain techniques that gave you an advantage just days before. This report contains the best tips and techniques at time of publication. Some techniques will stop working if a search engine changes its relevancy scoring system, which is bound to happen. Updates will be made to this report as we become aware of changes.

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  KEYWORD Position
Medical Books        1
Multimedia Projector        1
Basmati Rice Exportor        1
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I am delighted to give that organization the highest possible accolades. The job they did for me exceeded my highest expectations. I don't know how they did it, but my site is listed on Page One (in the top 10 on that page) on all the major search engines.
Medical Books
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